Thank You

Thank You for Your Support! The 2016 East Kingdom Calendar Sale ended on November 1st.

We want to thank everyone who took an interest in this sale and purchased a calendar or notecards. It has been a true honor to be a part of this amazing effort. We hope that you enjoy your purchases.

The success of this project is owed to the scribes who took the concept and brought it to life by producing amazing depictions of the beasts that continue to impress me. The calendar staff owes a huge debt of gratitude to them.  They put their talents to work for this project along with their love of their craft and their Kingdom.

Please see our full Thank you to the Scribes at the East Kingdom Gazette.

The proceeds go to the royalty of the East Kingdom to assist in their travel and hospitality needs.

October - Salamander December - Stag September - Hedgehogs July-Rhino April - Yale November - Dragon

June - Shark March - Lion February - Griffin Tiger - January May - Ram August - Seahorse