Artists and Staff

This project was created in 2014 as an opportunity to assist with expenses facing the Royals of the East Kingdom. It has grown into a true showcase of Eastern Pride and talents through the original scribal works that are created for each month.  The Benefit to the East is the beautiful works of art that can adorn your wall. In addition, it provides funds for the Eastern Royalty to use toward travel expenses and Eastern Hospitality for foreign royalty.  Artwork from the first two calendars can be seen here.

This year we are so excited to announce the artists of the 2017 Calendar:

Author of Horoscope Descriptions: Master Christian von Jaueregk

January – Aquarius  (by Mistress Kayleigh Mac Whyte)
February – Pisces (by Mistress Eloise of Coulter)
March – Aries  (by Master Ursion de Gui)
April – Taurus (by Lord Vettorio Antonello)
May – Gemini (by Boyar Aleksei Dmitriev)
June – Cancer (by Lady Christiana Crane)
July – Leo  (by Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell and Mistress Eva Woodrose)
August – Virgo  (by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy)
September – Libra  (by Mistress Agatha Wanderer and Lord Gwillim Kynith)
October – Scorpio  (by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova)
November – Sagittarius (by THL Katrusha Skomorokha)
December – Capricorn – ( by Lady Lisabetta Medaglia and Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir)

This project would not be made possible without the assistance from our dedicated staff

Project Direction: Baroness Lucie Lovegood
Mistress of Artists: Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For
Artist Support: Lady Tola knitýr
Master of Design: Sir Culann mac Cianain
Mistress of Process & Fulfillment: Mistress Aildreda de Tamworthe
Research: Lord GunDormr Degnir