August 2017

Virgo - August

Virgo is ye wittie and discret Maide of Innocence and Purete. She is Malencolie and ruleth the Bowels and the Bealy. She frequenteth quiet places to studie, and where she is, there hydden vertus are stored. If the Mone visiteth, these two Virgins shalbe polit, but this maybe from fere and timiditie rather than corteisie. Shuld Venus stride within ye Maide’s vicinitie, then thei shal keep good companie and neeten vp their appareille, though thei might do soo wt no passion, merelie out of rote and not from desire for clene liuing.

Calligraphy & Illumination by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy

Persona: early period (c 1025) Welsh

Artist’s astrological sign: Scorpio

What is the inspiration for your piece and why did it appeal to you? Calendar page for August from a late 11th-century psalter from Southern England currently residing in the British Library ( Virgo’s simplicity and grace were very appealing, as was the chance to use a hand I’m good at.

Materials used: “Calli” black India ink; Mitchell nibs; Windsor & Newton gouache

Other notes of interest about your piece:  I love doing pieces that have glosses!  In this case, the glosses are all part of the regular text of the piece.

What drew you to participate in this project?  I love the calendar project!!  It expands my research parameters and brings joy to so many people.  This is my third year.

What is your favorite medium to work in?  Ink & paint.

What is a C&I technique that is challenging to you, or not your favorite?  I don’t love blackletter calligraphy, and I’m always trying to improve my whitework.