October 2017

October - Scorpio

Scorpio appeareth as a large Scorpion. She is Fleumatik, ruleth ye Priue Parts of Men and Women, and indicateth Subtelte and Deceite. When the Mone is on the hunt for the Scorpion, She will seke Nouelte when She needeth to be more dependable, and She might ende vp dronk or in a destitute state. If Venus cannot auoid ye Scorpion, then Ielousie is likelie to rere vp, perhap resulting in Adulteries and breaking of one’s Word. If Iupiter wandreth bi ye Scorpion, then one mai loke to Ipocrisie, possiblie Bitraiel.

Calligraphy & Illumination by Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova

Persona:  Russian 16th century

Artist’s astrological sign: Scorpio (this is probably no surprise to anyone)

What is the inspiration for your piece and why did it appeal to you? The Hunterian Psalter, England, C. 1170, Zodiac, Sign of Scorpio, Folio 5v.  The research that I did indicated that the representations could be both scorpion or dragon.  I like the idea of a dragon, especially a two headed dragon.

Materials used: Windsor Newton colors, Roman black from Rublev Natural Pigments, mosaic gold.   Rotring art pen for calligraphy.  Paintbrushes of variety manufactures in 20/0, 10/0 0/0 and 1.  Heavy weight natural colored pergamenata.

What drew you to participate in this project? I enjoyed the calendar project last year and it gives me, as an artist, time to sink into the medieval research while producing a modern piece for a good cause, the Kingdom Travel Fund.

What is your favorite medium to work in? I love painting, especially with period pigments.  I find that there are so many layers to being able to paint.  Sometimes it is a portrait, sometimes it is beautiful leaves, sometimes it is white, beautiful pelicans on a black background.  It always gives me something interesting to work with.

What is a C&I technique that is challenging to you, or not your favorite?  Calligraphy has always been a challenge for me, but I accept challenges and have been seeing improvement in my hands.