Artists and Staff

This project was created in 2014 to assist with expenses facing the Royals of the East Kingdom. It has grown into a true showcase of the talents of the artisans of the East through the original scribal works that are created for each month.  The calendar provides funds for the Eastern Royalty to use toward travel expenses and Eastern hospitality for foreign royalty as well as beautiful art to adorn your walls.  Artwork from the first three calendars can be seen here.

The artists of the 2018 Calendar:

January – Icelandic (by Baroness Cassandra Boell von Bayer)
February – Italian (by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy)
March – Jewish (by Mistress Sunniva Ormstung)
April – German (by Lady Altani Khatagidai)
May – French (by Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot and Mistress Eleanor Catlyng)
June – Hungarian (by Lady Palotzi Marti)
July – Mongolian (by Baghatur Borujin Acilaldai)
August – English (by Baroness Emma Makilmone, Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir, and Lady Lillie von der Tann)
September – Armenian (by Lady Keziah Planchet)
October – Japanese (by Lady Mariette de Bretagne)
November – Persian (by Lady Triona MacCasky)
December – Irish (by Lady Wynefryd Bredhers)

This project would not be possible without the assistance of our dedicated staff.

Project Direction: Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For
Artist Support: Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy
Design: Sir Culann mac Cianain
Process & Fulfillment: Lady Charitye Dale
Publicity: Lady Tola knitýr